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How can I configure Soft Goods to serve downloads from a remote server?

The method is essentially the same as serving downloads from the same server, except the download.php script should be placed on the remote server, and you must use the "Suppress file checking" option.

The download server must have PHP installed (and PHP must have permission to read from your downloads folder). Put the download.php script on that server, and for the $module_path setting put in the URL to the DEN_SOFTGOODS.mv(c) module in your store. Create a downloads folder on the download server, and for the path to Miva data directory in the Global Settings tab of Soft Goods, put the path to the directory one level up from that downloads directory (it isn't necessary to have Miva Empresa installed on the download server, so Miva data can just mean one level up from wherever your downloads are). Then for the URL to PHP script put the URL to the download.php on the download server.

Say the downloads are in /home/yourname/downloads on the download server. In the Soft Goods Global Settings tab, the relevant settings would be

- Suppress file checking: checked
- Path to Miva data directory: /home/yourname/
- Path to downloads: downloads/
- URL to PHP script: http://www.downloadserver.com/download.php?

Note: on some remove servers, such as GoDaddy sites, the default php.ini in the root has the following line:

allow_url_fopen = off

Which, of course, blocks download.php from calling back to the .mvc file on the Merchant store server.  In those chases changing "off" to "on" wll fix the problem.


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