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Installation Troubleshooting Tips

I'm getting errors clicking on a download link. What are the most common causes?

The majority of installation issues are configuration problems resulting in one of two errors:

"Module not found. Invalid URL to Soft Goods module."

This normally means the URL to DEN_SOFTGOODS.mv(c) ($module_path) is not set correctly in download.php.

If you are sure the $module_path setting is correct, below is a list of other (though rare) known causes of this error.

- There may be a permissions problem with the DEN_SOFGOODS.mv(c) module. Try accessing the URL in your browser. If that also doesn't work, be sure the file and folder permissions are correct.

- The 'allow_url_fopen' setting may be disabled in the PHP configuration file. Contact your hosting provider to make sure it is enabled.

- The server may be behind a firewall that blocks URL calls from PHP to the same domain. Try using 'localhost' in place of yourdomain.com in the $module_path setting, or contact your hosting provider.

"File not found. Invalid path or filename."

The most common cause of this error is an invalid path to the Miva data directory set in the Soft Goods Global Settings tab.

If you are having trouble finding the correct path to use, it may help to create a small info.php file with:


This will print out various php configuration settings. Search for 'DOCUMENT_ROOT'. This is the path to your documents (html) directory, and from that you can usually tell what the path to the Miva data directory is. The Miva data directory is typically parallel to the html directory.

You can often alternatively use a path relative to the download.php script, e.g. '../mivadata/'.

Other causes include an invalid path to the downloads folder, a permissions problem, or an invalid filename.

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