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How can I integrate this module with your Category/Product Page Template modules?

First, in the template module(s), go to the 3rd party tokens tab and add a new token if one doesn't already exist. Use DEN_WLST for the module code, and lets use the same for the token name (the token name is up to you, the rest of these instructions assume you used DEN_WLST). This should give you the "full" tokens to use to insert into a template, %module|DEN_WLST|1|% and %module|DEN_WLST|2|%. %module|DEN_WLST|1|% will display the expanded display Add to Wait List button, and %module|DEN_WLST|2|% will display the line-item display Add to Wait List button.

The template modules have conditional tokens can be used to make the add to basket button only appear for items in stock.

%begin_instock%/%end_instock%, and

Wrap the add to basket buttons in %begin_instock%/%end_instock%

Now add the %module|DEN_WLST|1|% or %module|DEN_WLST|2|% token, and wrap this in %begin_outstock%/%end_outstock%.

Your template should look something like this:




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