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Software Update Subscription

Would you believe that there are Miva Merchant stores that are STILL running software purchased from us nearly 10 years ago? You bet! Even 5 year old licenses of our Miva Merchant 5 modules aren't really that uncommon. We are continuously updating our software, adding features and fixing bugs, so we kindly ask that you purchase a software update subscription in order to continue to receive updates.

Hey, thanks don't pay for the axes OR the boat (or the software updates), and it's really not all that expensive. Just $5 bucks a month a license. For less than a cup of coffee at a fancy-smancy place, you get great software AND ongoing updates within the same version series. If you've had the software a long time, we'll charge a little more to get you current. But it's worth it!

When you click in your module admin screen to check for updates, you'll be notified to purchase your SUS. Buy it at our sister-ship store, forget about it and we'll just charge the card once a month. Then you can get updates any time you'd like.

Your yearly SUS fee is billed in 12 small increments, and renews automatically annually. Keep it up to date and we'll do the same!

Last update: 2011-04-29 07:49
Author: Thor
Revision: 1.1

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