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Why won't you call me for technical support? I demand a call!

We offer highly accurate, and quite timely, web-based support for all Viking Coders' products. As a small software company, phone-based support simply isn't feasible for a number of reasons.

Most of our support staff are also programmers. Programming requires a high level of concentration and it is next to impossible to embark on serious development without at least occasional 2-4 hour windows of uninterrupted time. If our programmers answered phone calls, they could not develop new products, upgrade existing products, develop custom applications for your needs, etc. Using our online support ticket system, our developers are able to devote blocks of time throughout the day to address support tickets quickly, yet still manage programming time effectively.

Alternatively, we could hire support staff to answer the phone. This would, of course, require significant finances, and force us to raise the price of our products. Additionally, the level of accuracy and ticket resolution would never be the same. Support tickets may involve compatibility issues with other modules, server configurations, issues with new upgrades of Miva Merchant or the OpenUI, etc. Addressing these issues adequately requires years of experience, and in some cases, familiarity with the underlying source code of the program(s) involved.

Our web-based ticket system has other advantages as well. Tickets are permanently archived, allowing us to better solve problems based on past issues, and you to refer back to a ticket we answered at any time. Further, in many cases, we may need time to research/cogitate on the issue to answer it correctly, which is uncomfortable (or not even possible) with phone-based support.

Above all, the reason we don't offer phone support is that we don't like you. Just kidding. Interacting with the vast bulk of our customers is generally pleasant. For the rest... Well, here's a tip on how to obtain the best possible tech support, whether by phone, email, help desk, smoke signals, it really doesn't matter. Be nice. A courteous and clear support request sets a tone much more conducive to resolving the issue. One more tip from this side of the trenches. There is no need to yell "HELP!!!!" in the subject line. If we were not going to help you, we would not offer a help desk :)

We do understand many folks want to talk to someone on the phone. For this reason, we accept calls for pre-sales questions. But, after much consideration, we are confident our current approach to technical support is in the interest of your business, as well as ours.

Last update: 2007-02-16 12:19
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