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I'm having problems importing data for additional product fields.

The following are the most common causes of problems importing.

- The flat file is not formatted correctly. See the following section of the manual:


The file should contain a column for product code, and and a column for each additional field you need to import. It may be helpful to use the supplied export module to create a flat file to start with.

- The delimiter is not being specified correctly during import. Check to make sure the delimiter of your flat file matches the delimiter specified during the first step of importing.

- The fields are not being assigned correctly during import. If your flat file is formatted correctly, and the proper delimiter is selected, you should be presented with the first 5 rows of your file during the 2nd step of the import, and prompted to assign which columns match which additional fields.

- You are using a Mac, and saving the file with Mac line endings. There is currently a bug in the Miva Virtual Machine which prevents imports from working for Mac-formatted files. See if the program you are using to create the flat file has an option to save with UNIX or Windows line endings (lf or cr/lf). You can alternatively try manually uploading the file with a FTP program which may automatically adjust the line endings. To do so, upload the file to the Merchant2/0000000#/uploads/ folder within your Miva data directory. Then, during the first step of the import, just enter the filename instead of clicking the upload button.

Last update: 2003-10-28 23:58
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