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Is it possible to use search friendly links from Copernicus with Search Manager results including additional product fields manager?

(2004/03/27)Yes. The following are examples that can be used. Be sure to include %OUI% at the VERY beginning of any field that you use with this code!

1. In the Templates / Category Template area, use this code for the category name link:
<a href="%VAR(module|CBSSFL|ctgy_URL_d)%">%catname%</a>

2. In the Templates / Product Template area, you can use any of the following code depending on what you want:

Product Code - <a href="%VAR(module|CBSSFL|prod_URL_d)%">%prodcode%</a>

Product Name - <a href="%VAR(module|CBSSFL|prod_URL_d)%">%prodname%</a>

Product Thumbnail - <a href="%VAR(module|CBSSFL|prod_URL_d)%">%prodthumb%</a> or <a href="%VAR(module|CBSSFL|prod_URL_d)%">

Additional Product Fields - <a href="../page/%store|code|%/SRCHM/HF/1/AddOptions/1/Search_Search/%module|prodfields|AUTHOR|%">%module|prodfields|AUTHOR|%</a> (AUTHOR is an example of a additional product fields code) (This will provide a link for customers to search based on the additional product field)

Provided by JMH Web Services, provider of the free Search Engine Optimization & Marketing newsletter for Miva Merchant at: http://www.jmhonline.net/searchmiva
More information on search friendly links is available at:

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