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My products all have a $0.00 price and the price is added by one of my attributes (different price for each option). When searching by "price range" is there any way I can have the module search by the price of the attributes?

(2004/09/03)Yes. I added the ability to have the Search Manager treat product/attribute combinations as separately searched items. The price of each of these searched items is the product price + the attribute price. With this option enabled, you can search by price range and the product will show up in the results if the total price (product + attribute) of one of its attributes falls in the range.

I added some new options to the module's admin. There is a main option "Treat product w/ attributes as separate item". If this option is checked off, then the Search Manager will treat each Product+attribute as a separately tracked item. But it can do this for only a single attribute (but each of that attribute's options will be a separate item). To designate which of the product attributes is to be used to separate there is a field "Attribute code by which to separate". Enter the attribute code of the attribute in that field (note that with this approach if you have multiple products which you want to "separate" by an attribute, the products have to have the same attribute code for it to work). The third option is "Search on 'default' only". With this option enabled, instead of separating the attribute into a separate item for each of its' attributes, it creates only a single item using the attributes default option.

For example, if you have an attribute "size" which has 3 options, small, medium, and large, each with it's own price 10, 20, and 30, you could enable the "Treat product w/ attribute as separate items" option, enter "size" into the "Attribute code by which to separate" field and the Search Manager would treat the product as 3 different items w/ three different "prices":

small $10
medium $20
large $30

So if you provide the option to search by price range, the product would show up in all price ranges into which one of these prices falls.

Last update: 2005-01-12 08:23
Author: Support
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