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Token to Display a Product's Data from Viking Coder's Additional Fields Manager

Is there a token that I can use to display a product's data from Viking Coder's Additional Fields Manager?

This feature was added in a recent upgrade (version 4.20c compiled, 4.14 uncompiled). There is now a "type" that you can use in tokens that will display the product's data for a particular field in the "Additional Fields Manager". For example, if you have a field in that module to store the "Author" for a product, you can display it for a randomly selected product using the token:

%random|den_prodfields:Author|01|% (for product 01)

Similarly, if you want to display the prompt before the field you can add a + to the end of the field:

%random|den_prodfields:Author+|01|% (for product 01)

Last update: 2003-07-30 22:23
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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