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I would like to configure Phone Order Manager so that I can copy entire orders into the basket to make "re-ordering" easier. Can I do this?

This is possible (and relatively simple) if you're using our Order Status Manager.

Here's how to go about setting it up:

On the Phone Order Manager's "Third party tokens" tab register the Order Status Manager (enter BROK_ORDERSTATUS for both the module and token fields). Then in the "Process update tokens" field add:


Then in the "Main page template" on the "Main page" tab add the code (where you want to display the field into which you enter the Order id):

Copy Order: %module|BROK_ORDERSTATUS|copy_field|%

And that's all that's necessary.

The token:


displays a text field:

which collects the order to copy. The token


simply displays the "Update" button and can be replaced with any "submit" button. For example:

Similarly, instead of using the token %module|BROK_ORDERSTATUS|copy_field|% you could use your own form field with the name CopyOrder to change the size, set a maximum, etc.

If you enter an incorrect Order ID the module will define a message which will be displayed right above the %module|BROK_ORDERSTATUS|copy_field|% token. If you would prefer to display the message differently you can check the variable g.OrderNotFound to determine if the order was not found and then display whatever you want:


the order wasn't found!


Similarly, if you would like to display the message itself somewhere else, you will find it in the variable g.OrderCopyMessage and you can display it with:


If the order is sucesffully copied the variable g.OrderCopied will be set to 1, so you could use this in a test such as:

Order %var|g.CopyOrder|% was succesfully copied


Last update: 2007-11-27 15:04
Author: Thor
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