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Is there a token similar to %basketprice_nochange% for the tax and shipping prices. Looking to have the boxes not be editable unless under a specific login.

There isn't. However, you can accmplish the same thing by adding a conditional to the POM template to display the editable field only if a certain login is used, otherwise, just display the amount. The editable box is displayed with the token:


and the shipping amount by itself with:

%shippingamount% (or %shippingamountF% formatted)

The user name (i.e. the user login) can be displayed with


So, you could make the display of the shipping amount conditional on a particular admin, say "bob" with:

%begin_if|'%username%' EQ 'Bob'|%


The hidden field is necessary to carry the shipping amount forward with the form.

you could do this same thing for several different users by adding to the conditional:

%begin_if|('%username%' EQ 'Bob') OR ('%username%' EQ 'Bill')|%


Last update: 2007-11-20 14:37
Author: Thor
Revision: 1.0

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