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Making "Additional Charge" Display When Using COD Payment Module

We use the COD payment module, but the additional charge added by the module isn't displaying. Can this be fixed? (2003/04/25)

The standard Merchant COD module inserts that extra charge as a "shipping" charge. I have modified the module (version 4.18c, compiled, version 4.17 uncompiled) to add support for additional shipping fields.

You can now use tokens to display additional shipping data as well as fields to permit the data to be modifed.

The original shipping related tokens:

%shippingbox%, %shippingdescription%, %shippingbox|xxx|%, %shippingamount%, %shippingamountF%

all apply to the FIRST shipping method store/saved by the shipping module (in the case of the shipping module used with the COD module, the shipping module's charge will be first).

To display other shipping info, the tokens are incremented:

%shippingbox2%, %shippingdescription2%, %shippingbox2|xxx|%, %shippingamount2%, %shippingamount2F%
%shippingbox3%, %shippingdescription3%, %shippingbox3|xxx|%, %shippingamount3%, %shippingamount3F%

So to display the second shipping on the Phone Order Interface, you could add a second table row below the current shipping so it would look, toghether, like:





In most cases (unless you have some other module installed which, like the COD module, inserts additioanl shipping) the second set of shipping tokens will display the COD charge.

Last update: 2003-07-30 01:51
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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