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s it possible to collect a note at checkout that will be associated with the order in admin?

(2004/02/18)Yes, I have just updated the module to provide for the ability to prompt the customer for a note and other information at checkout. This data is saved and associated with the order so that it is viewable with the order in the module's admin.

There is an a section on the "options" tab, near the bottom, called "Collecting info at checkout". If the "Display prompt for note?" is checked off, the contents of the "Note prompt template" will be used to display a prompt for the note on the customer information page (between the display of basket contents and the fields for the customer information).

The template can contain various tokens to collect the data:

%note% displays a text area 40 cols wide by 10 rows which collects data saved in the order's "note" field
%note|cc|rr|% like the %note% token but displays the textarea cc columns wide and rr rows.

%field1|default|% displays a checkbox to collect a setting for the "field1" field for the order. The "defualt" can be "on" or "off" and will be used to control whether or not the checkbox is defaulted to checked or unchecked.
%field2|defualt|% same as %field1|default|% but saves the selection in the "field2" field.

%field3% displays a text field 40 characters wide which collects data that is subsequently saved in the "field3" field
%field3|xx|% same as the %field3% token but displays a text field xx characters wide.

%trackingtype|default|% displays a hidden field which will set the initial tracking type for the order to the "default" (more on this above).

The module also now supports display of this prompt/field using a third party token. For example, you can register the module as a "third party token" in the Other Page Templates module and display the field anywhere during checkout (other than the Invoice screen; at that point it's too late) as long as it is between the %beginform...%endform% tokens on the page to which you add it. The token for use to display this prompt/field is (assuming that you registered the module with the token "BROK_ORDERSTATUS"):


Last update: 2004-12-09 13:32
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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