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I am using the token (and some html) %shippingdescription2% in the "Order Details page main template" to displayany additional shipping that might be in the order. However, if there is none, the module still displays the table tags in my html. Can I keep this from happening?

(2004/11/12)I have added some conditional tokens:


which will display their content only if there is a shipping, charge, or tax corresponding to the #. For example, in your case, you were using the token %shippingdescription2% to display the second shipping charge description, if there is one. You could use the token:

%begin_if_ordershipping|2|%...%end_if_ordershipping% around the code so that if there is no second shipping method for the order nothing will be displayed.

Last update: 2004-12-09 13:22
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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