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Using "Order Filter" to Limit the Export to a Particular Shipping Method

Can I use the "order filter" to limit the export to only orders that used a particular shipping method?

That's exactly the sort of thing it is for.

To limit the export only to particular shipping methods, you have two approaches. If the ship_data field (i.e. Orders.d.ship_data) contains a specific string to include then you could use this:

('UPS' CIN %shipdata%)

But the UPS Advanced module doesn't include the UPS string in the ship_data field (but it does include the UPS designation for the shipping method, eg. GND, 1DA, so you could filter on those). So you will need to use the ship_id field of the database (this stores the id of the module). You can determine it by looking at the Orders database directly, at the ship_id field. Another simpler approach is to add the token %shipid% to your orders template, run a test export, and see what %shipid% is listed for order which uses the shipping module you're interested in.

With the ship id in hand (in this example it is 73) you would use:

(%shipid% Eq '73')

and this would export only those orders which used that module.

(%shipid% NE '73')

would export only those orders which did NOT use that module.

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