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Software Update Subscription Policy Software Update Subscription Policy

Viking Coders now offers a Software Update Subscription (SUS) for users wishing to stay current on the latest version of your modules. If your license is not covered by a SUS, you'll be notified when you check for updates. It doesn't cost much and helps us continue to improve your software, so stay current on your SUS and we'll stay current on module updates!

2011-04-29 08:01

Updated Support Policy Updated Support Policy

Viking Coders now offers 30 days free installation support for all v5 modules, and consulting services, per-incident and paid support plans for in-depth support of our modules.

2010-10-19 01:10

New Help Desk New Help Desk

If you're a regular visitor to these shores, you may have noticed the new help desk. Unfortunately its roll out came before we wanted, due to the old developing some serious issues. So, our apologies for the sudden change and, especially so if your old ticket slipped into the cold waters of the Atlantic without a reply.
2008-11-10 15:46

Module Support

If you have a problem with any of our modules, please review the module's documentation, the documentation that is contained in the zip file you received (e.g. FAQ.txt, newtokens.txt) and our knowledge base. Many issues have been already covered in the documentation.

Checking for an update for your module is the first step if you find a problem not covered in the documentation. Click the "check for upgrade" link within your module in order to download the latest version. The zip file you receive may also contain updated documentation.

If you need to open a support ticket, please supply a detailed description of the problem, and if relevant, the license key/order number, logins, url to your site, etc. A developer will normally process your ticket by the next working day.

Module Documentation

Most module documentation is available as a link from within the module's admin but you can also access it here. We have also provided the version history for each module and a search of our FAQs.

Documentation, history and FAQs for compiled 4.x modules (4.14-4.24)

Documentation, history and FAQs for Merchant 5 modules

Module FAQs

Click the Individual Module FAQs to the left or here. Many of the FAQs will be common for both the 4.x and 5.x versions.




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